PHOTOS Did My 600 Lb Life’s Renee Biran have a hospital wedding with an Elvis impersonator officiant?

My 600 Lb Life star Renee Biran has been under constant medical care for nearly a year while battling Guillain-Barre syndrome — but she may also have managed to fan the flames of a new passion. It looks like Renee might have gotten married while hospitalized this summer! Read on for the photos and full details!

LINKS Saved By The Bell reboot, Zooey and Jonathan Scott, School shooting commercial…

CELEBITCHYThere’s a Saved By The Bell reboot coming, it’s being produced by one of the people who made 30 Rock great, and it sounds like the press release announcing the show is also supposed to pressure Mark-Paul Gosselaar to sign on and make Governor Zach Morris (no, really) a thing

DLISTED“Music” is as sensible a reason as any for this particular celebrity pairing

JEZEBELThis new PSA about school shootings is getting a lot of attention and a fair bit of pushback for its realistic depiction of the violence kids are being trained to expect at any moment while also learning math

REALITY TEAVanderpump Rules star Lala Kent is embroiled in a serious beef with 50 Cent and this breakdown of it is absolutely, gloriously petty

THE ASHLEY’S REALITY ROUNDUP“Former Flipping Out Star Jeff Lewis’ Daughter Expelled from Preschool Due to Comments He Made on His Radio Show”

THE BLEMISHA second person who accused Kevin Spacey of sexual misconduct has died under let’s call it fairly unexpected circumstances. And a third person out of the blue decided to stop talking to prosecutors. Insert your own Frank Underwood joke here

GO FUG YOURSELFThe plot of the Between Two Ferns movie sounds almost identical to that every-celebrity-cameo-possible Paulie Shore redemption project from a few years back, so maybe this is just a genre that produces one movie every decade or so?

LAINEY GOSSIPMark Ruffalo is getting a fair bit of Oscar buzz for playing “dude Erin Brockovich” in a movie called Dark Waters that it sounds like no one will ever see

VOXHere’s the truth about Area 51, as told by the world’s foremost expert (provided you can trust her)

THE BLASTThis love letter from Guy Fieri to cheeseburgers in honor of National Cheeseburger Day is oddly touching, though it does overlook the fact that when your brand is built on greasy spoons and hipster pub fare, every day is National Cheeseburger Day

Did MTV fire Amber Portwood from Teen Mom OG?

The fallout continues in the wake of a series of disturbing audio clips being leaked online in which Teen Mom OG star Amber Portwood can be heard in a rage as she threatens the life of her ex Andrew Glennon multiple times in the presence of their infant son James. The terrifying audio clips are a clear cut example of domestic abuse, and they have put Amber’s future on the show show in serious jeopardy. So, has MTV actually fired Amber Portwood from Teen Mom OG?

UNEXPECTED Max says Chloe cheated on him: ‘Don’t trust THESE HOES!’ – Plus Chloe and Hailey 2 feud!

Unexpected dad Max Schenzel says Chloe Mendoza has been cheating on him for the past month. Chloe has yet to respond to his allegations, but that could be because she is currently feuding with Unexpected dad Matthew’s girlfriend Hailey 2! Get all caught up, including Instagram live videos from Chloe and Hailey 2 as well as a sattement from show OG McKayla Adkins!