16 & Pregnant Selena Gutierrez arrested after altercation with boyfriend Sean?

According to a series of videos posted online by her boyfriend Sean and her family members, 16 and Pregnant mom Selena Gutierrez has been arrested after a heated altercation with Sean over their daughter, Dareli. In video clips posted online by Sean and Selena’s family, she can be seen handcuffed while being escorted down a hallway before being placed in a police vehicle. Keep reaind for a full recap of all the drama before, during, and after the arrest.

BRIDEZILLA demands her bridal party lose weight to fit in size 8 dresses, give her $500 for honeymoon

Weddings are beautiful celebrations of love and commitment. It’s understandable to organize, splurge on, and even obsess over this special day. Sometimes, however, brides and grooms can lose sight of the experience, and even personal autonomy, of others when they plan their big day. This example takes micromanagement and expectations on the bridal party (& guests) too far.


This is why McDonald’s Sprite (and other sodas) taste so unique

Many would say that McDonald’s Sprite just tastes better than anywhere else, including even an ice-cold can from the Coca-Cola itself. In fact, every soda you get from McDonald’s just hits different. The experience is so universal it’s become a bit of a meme that circulates every so often. We’re not imagining things: there are some reasons why Sprite and other fountain drinks at the infamous Gold Arches have a unique taste.


Timeline of Jenelle Eason and sister Ashleigh’s feud

Former Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Eason took to Instagram this weekend to answer a number of frequently asked questions about her estranged sister, Ashleigh Wilson. Jenelle’s videos caused quite a traffic spike for our numerous articles about Ashleigh over the years, so I thought I would compile a timeline of those posts — including all of the public backstabbing and feuding between the two siblings.