LINKS! Where is Mark Zuckerberg?, Stormy Daniels intensifies, Amy Poehler’s new movie…

UPROXXIn the wake of the Cambridge Analytica scandal currently tanking Facebook’s stock and further undermining Americans’ faith in…everything, Mark Zuckerberg remains AWOL. But Facebook just put out a bland, detail-free statement on his whereabouts, so we can all go back to posting now

VOXThe Stormy Daniels scandal is actually a neat political gateway drug because it’s becoming a campaign finance scandal with an adult actress at the center of it

JEZEBELAmy Poehler is directing a movie for Netflix; it’s called Wine Country and stars Maya Rudolph, Paula Pell, Tina Fey, Ana Gastayer, Emily Spivey, and Rachel Dratch. And Amy herself. As one of the astute commenters put it, “This could be the greatest thing ever and anything less will be disappointing”

REALITY TEANewest RHOA cast member Eva Marcille claims to not understand why Kenya Moore is “coming for her.” She also suggests that her pregnancy will likely get her at least one more season on the show. Eva is either quite savvy or the exact opposite of quite savvy

CELEBITCHYThis new unauthorized royal tell-all sounds scandalous and petty and juicy as hell. It might be the perfect antidote for Americans who are tired of our own markedly less glamorous palace intrigue

DLISTEDA week after getting arrested for domestic abuse following a fight with girlfriend Laura Leal, Nick Gordon has been arrested again. This time it was for violating the no-contact order put in place following he and Laura’s last altercation. Nick Gordon’s mugshot collection is now approaching a Tommie-from-LHHATL level

VERY SMART BROTHASWait — Snoop Dogg has a *gospel* album now? And it’s actually pretty good?

THE BLEMISHIvanka Trump playing scientist for a photo op got some reactions on Twitter, but the first and only thing it brought to my mind was Denise Richards’ immortal turn as Dr. Christmas Jones, noted nuclear physicist, in The World Is Not Enough

REPORT Kirk Frost is not Jasmine Washington’s baby daddy?

Wait a minute — Kirk Frost is not Jasmine Washington’s baby daddy? Despite Kirk confessing to Rasheeda on the LHHATL Season 7 premiere, a new report claims that the entire storyline was made up for the show, and that someone *else* is Kannon’s father. Read on for the latest with the most exhausting plot in Love & Hip Hop Atlanta history.

MY 600 LB LIFE Janine Mueller’s dream of healthy knees, dance-filled nights closer in new weight loss pics

Viewers were initially disappointed by Janine Mueller’s comparatively minor weight loss in her My 600 Lb Life episode. Since that episode aired, though, it seems Janine’s been doing much better — as evidenced by her latest before and after pics and health updates! Janine also let us know about her cat, Prince, who’s become something of a fan favorite 🙂 Read on for the latest!